Galaxy 82 – Equinox

Galaxy 82 – Equinox

GALAXY 82 is a new alias from Scotland, forging a new sound to which you may reminisce of a bygone era, waiting around phone boxes trying to work out where the nearby rave was happening. GALAXY 82 reflects on this time with their debut single “EQUINOX” featuring J FARRUKH, that got it’s debut RADIO 1 spin Friday night c/o PETE TONG!

Though working under this new alias, GALAXY 82 has been an active producer in the dance scene for many years, kicking off their career back in the early 90’s and has secured major label deals with past projects.

“EQUINOX” is an expedition of rave. Dripping in authenticity and captures the greatest decade of dance, the 90s. It’s layered synths, zestful bass progressions and fluttering electro tinged melodies make for electrifying listening. The unquestionable powerhouse vocals of JOY FARRUKH [J FARRUKH], are on display throughout this rave voyage nestled expertly between the breakbeat rhythms and syncopated staccato piano. Choruses of reveling ravers break into a cacophony of cheering and shouting before a dynamic hip-hop breakdown.

“EQUINOX” by definition describes the point of time where the plane of the Earth’s equator passes through the geometric centre of the Sun’s disk. These moments are a rarity, much like this track.


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