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You can listen to Decadance Radio on the Amazon Echo platform by installing our Alexa skill, just say 'Alexa, install Decadance Radio'. You can then listen to us whenever you like by simply saying, 'Alexa open Decadance Radio'.

You can also listen on all of the other major smart speaker brands via TuneIn, just say, play Decadance Radio on TuneIn.

The Decadance app is available on both major platforms, the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Both platforms offer funtionality including live audio and video feeds*, full schedule information, studio contact methods and the interactive pages such as Live Life Local, and Future Selection.

Our Apps can be found here:

* Video livestreaming is on a 'per show' basis

You can listen live on any of the pages on any of the sites accessible from our main website, DecadanceUK.com.

The stream can be played from any of the pages and will continue to stream uninterrupted as you browse the pages within the site you are browsing.

For uninterrupted listening across every part of the site, the popout player is available from the 'Now Playing' expandable bar at the bottom of any page from this icon:


For information on the live show, next up and full schedule, just click HERE or on the SCHEDULE link from the RADIO menu.

Our output is also available on numerous live radio streaming platforms such as TuneIn etc.

Where you can listen to Decadance on DAB+ in Brighton and the surrounding areas: